Welcome to Baby Lily.

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves and give you an insight into how our business started. We are Tina and Connie, sisters from Sydney, who share a passion for creativity, beautiful things and enjoying life's small pleasures. Nothing compares however, to the joy of being mums to our children - 2 boys and 2 girls.

It was our experiences when our first babies were born that led to our business, Baby Lily. We were very appreciative of the numerous bunches of flowers we received but found them to be a hindrance in hospital. Finding vases, changing water, disposing of them. Not many made it home with us. There is no denying their beauty, but they are certainly not a practical or lasting gift. 

Our most memorable gifts were the ones that could be used over and over again. The items that all new parents need - the things that help with the new bundle. We started our research looking at various suppliers, combinations, different price points and soon discovered that whilst there is an abundance of businesses who offer baby gifts, the market for high quality and affordable gifts was lacking. We wanted to ensure that our point of difference was in the brands we select, the way they are presented and the realistic prices. We decided to use only Australian Brands and we are proud to support other mums in their small business ventures. 

Baby Lily gift boxes and nappy cakes tick all the boxes for both the giver and the recipient. Impressive, affordable, practical and stylish. Easy online ordering and dispatched within 24 hours of payment. Life is crazy busy enough so let us make this process easier for you.